Mass for the Dead Species

Hail Mary full of Grace,
the spirit is with You,
blessed is the fruit of your womb—

Hibicadelphus wilderianus,
Viola Cryana,
Achyranthes atollensis,
Argyroxiphium virescens,
Chasmistes brevirostris and liorus,
Coregonus nigripennus and jobanae,
Cottus echinatus,

Mother of Truth
beautiful, loving, perpetual, perfect,
in whom everything lives—

Orestias cuvieri,
Lepidomeda mollispinis pratensis and altivelis,
Rhynichtys osculus reliquus
Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae
Empetrichtys merriami,
latops pahrump and concavus,
Amistad gambusia
Ash Meadow killfish

Compassionate Mother
of all who seek You,
cry to You and have faith in You—

Grass Valley speckled and Mexican dace
and tlahuacensis),
Pahranagat spinedace
Lake Titacaca orestias,
Longjaw cisco,
and Raycraft Ranch poolfish,
and Rio Grande bluntnose shiners,
Ameiva major!

Mother, have compassion
on those who grieve and weep
in this world of tears--

Alsophis ater and sancticrucis,
Dromicus cursor and ornatus,
Bolyera multocarinata,
Anas georgica niceforoi
and gibberifrons remissa,
Eutriorchis astur
Crax fasciolata pinima,
Ortalis vetula deschaunseei!

Supreme Mother, hear our sorrow,
reduce our suffering,
cure our misfortune--

Rallus wakensis,
Anadorhynchys glaucus,
Sceloglaux albifacies albifacies,
Xenicus longipes variabilis,
Vermivora bachmanii,
Hemignathus lucidus hanapepe
and obscurus procerus,
Loxops maculata flammea!

O Purest, O Sweetest,
we beseech You, may your name
always be on our lips—

Red-moustached fruit dove>,
Wake Island rail,
Dusky seaside sparrow,
Greater Amakihi,
Madagascar serpent eagle,
Thylacinus cynocephalus,
Geocapromys brownii thoracatus
Canis lupus rufus!

Holy Mother, pray for our wrongs
now and at the hour of death,
pray for our salvation—

Texas red wolf,
Ursus arctos nelsoni,
Mexican silver grizzly,

Viverra megaspila civettina,
Panthera pardus jarvisi,
Zalophus californianus japonicus
Monarchus tropicalis,
Rangifer tarandus greonlandicus!

Dearest Mother, blessed are You
and blessed is the fruit
of your holy womb—

The birds, the fish, the trees, the shrubs
and flowers innumerable--
eagle, wolf, bear and butterfly,

three species every hour,
this very hour,
and the next hour
and the next hour after--
gone forever.